Runners training with the help of tech

Runners training with the help of tech

We are less than 66 days from the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, and the recent weather has been perfect for getting outside and hitting the pavement. Whether you are a first time runner or a regular marathoner, a little technology can go a long way in helping you stay on track.

With each step, 47 year old Kelly Arnold has her eye on a goal. A 13.1 mile goal to be exact.

"Last year I did a couple of 10Ks, and I thought why not challenge myself and try for the half this year," said Arnold. "It'll be my first half marathon."

Running shoes and stretches aren't the only necessities on her daily runs. She relies on her Fitbit, a killer playlist, and the virtual coaching from her Runkeeper app. It's all about holding herself accountable.

"I will have a reminder pop on my phone the night before saying, 'Ready for your 4 mile run?' Well, I guess I am, so here I go."

Verizon tech expert Zach Fannon said, "The right gear allows you to keep your excitement level up and keep training effectively."

If you're just getting started, Fannon recommends getting a good pair of wireless headphones.

"The ergonomic earbuds fit into your ears. They twist in, so you don't have to worry about them falling out when you're running or taking a step," Fannon said as he showed us a pair made by Under Armour.

Fannon says you can trade them out for a wireless speaker, like the UE Roll, when Oklahoma weather forces your training indoors.

"It has a bungee cord that's military grade and allows you to strap it on to the treadmill," said Fannon. "You can hang it on a tree or a limb, and it allows you to take your music and your motivation with you anywhere you want to go."

Even when she's not thinking about marathon training, Arnold's Fitbit Charge HR keeps tabs on her heart rate, her fitness, even her sleep. It's not easy juggling marathon training with her career and family.

"Just finding the time to fit it into my busy schedule has been the hardest part for me," Arnold said.

Ultimately the motivation that will take Arnold across the finish line won't come from any gadget or app. That will come from within. But with a lot of training fueled by a little technology, she'll be ready to give it her best on race day.

"This is only my first half-marathon," said Arnold. "It won't be my last one."

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