New gadgets aim to keep kids safe

We all want to keep our families safe, and technology is offering new ways to do that like never before. We found the newest products aimed at making like easier and giving you peace of mind. The trend of wearable technology is now available for preschoolers. Kids as young as 4 can strap on the new LG GizmoPal, in either pink or blue, so mom and dad can stay in touch and track the child's location. "The parent can look at it to see exactly where that kid is," said Chad Jurgenson, a technology expert at Verizon Wireless. "And from the kids point of view, they can call mom if there's something wrong." The LG GizmoPal does not require a contract and sells for $79.99 with a $5 a month fee.The idea of a Smart Home now starts at your doorstep. The Kevo Smart Lock means no more fumbling with your keys to get inside. Your smart phone can serve as a virtual key. "As long as you have your smart phone with you, you can just go up to this lock and touch it," said Jurgensen. "So lets say you're a mom and you have groceries in your hand or something like that, you can just touch this with one touch. The child can even touch it." You can give out temporary virtual keys, called e-keys, for workers or friends or use a key fob.The Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock is available here for $199.And when you're not at home, you might rely on the Dropcam Pro to keep an eye on what's happening inside. You could think of it as a nanny cam on steroids. "It has a 2 way mic and speaker so I can speak with you by looking at it on my smart phone, tablet, or computer," said Jurgenson. The DropCam Pro is $199 at Verizon Wireless.As more kids have their own smart phones and tablets, you have more control than ever over how they use them through Verizon's Family Base service "Now with all that information, what you can do with that is you can place parameters around when you want them to text, when you want them to make calls," Jurgenson said. "A lot of parents tell us about the calls being made after 9:00 when they're supposed to be in bed. You can stop that." Family Base is $4.99 a month.From monitoring your kids at home and on the go, personal safety gets a boost from a few clever gadgets.
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