Thunder partners with the OKC Black Chamber of Commerce to help aspiring entrepreneurs


Some successful power players are taking a break from their busy schedules to inspire new entrepreneurs.

The hardwood at Chesapeake Arena was transformed into an informative breakfast arena, offering not only a good meal but a full course of business savvy.

Brian Byrnes, the Thunder Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said you can beat the competition through your relationships with people.

" If you can network with people, if you can learn to bring things together and be additive to each other then you probably have a leg ahead of others," Brynes said.

T.W. Shannon, C.E.O of Bank Two, said there are three keys to building a successful business: have a capital plan, find a mentor to limit your risk, and control overhead costs.

"The key to success is setting new goals, achieving those goals and then setting new goals, “Shannon said.

Cecilia Robinson-Woods, Superintendent of Millwood Schools, says like entrepreneurs, an educator's legacy starts from scratch so it's important to understand. What you love, demonstrate that passion and the money will come.

"I really think it's finding your passion and doing what you love, and if you are doing what you love it’s not work to find funding. People can see that passion in you and they want to invest in that. So I think that's really the key," Robinson-Woods said.

Learn more about the OKC Black Chamber of Commerce here.

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