Local group helps nonprofit get its message to Oklahomans

Non-profit campaign looks to inform Oklahomans about mental health and substance abuse funding and services (KOKH).

Oklahoma City young professionals in advertising and marketing create a major plan to get a non-profit's message to the people. This major campaign is developed by the Ad2OKC, and it's totally free for one deserving group every year. This year that group is the Oklahoma Behavioral Health Association.

The OBHA's mission is to increase public awareness, as well as public policy and fundraising for mental health and addiction treatment across Oklahoma. It has been a tough time for health providers and Oklahoman’s who need and use these services because lack of funding has left people in limbo.

“Often times, that is, what you see is that both sides of the fringe kind of controlling what sometimes the middle wants, so it has been a frustrating time for our providers and the people that they serve,” says Julia Jernigan, Oklahoma Behavioral Health Association Executive Director.

Scott Gokey with Ad2OKC says the goal of the campaign is to get more people aware of all the work an organization does, and to get more support to increase their funding and reach.

“Typically the organizations who need like marketing and communication help are the ones who are least likely to have the funding to be able to get it themselves,” says Scott Gokey, Ad2OKC Public Service Chairman.

Lack of funding is affecting the availability of services for Oklahomans, but it is also affecting the growth of the mental health and substance abuse services industry, especially when it comes to specialty services, including providers who speak a second language, like Spanish.

“Those special services, it is hard to find because right now we have a workforce problem, as it is. it is hard to find people to come into this field,” says Jernigan.

Ad2OKC takes applications for this free advertising and marketing campaign every year, usually in the summer time, before selecting the organization that will receive the free campaign.

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