Community Focus: 'True Dads' helping metro men becoming better fathers

Richard Newman is a 22-year-old father who has gone through the "True Dads" program in Oklahoma City . The program helps father's develop healthy relationships with their children, and co-parent. (KOKH)

Father's Day is just around the corner, and there's a program out there that's helping fathers who are raising their children alone or through co-parenting.

"True Dads" is a program , in Oklahoma City, helping father's develop healthy relationships with their children and co-parent.

Richard Newman has a strong arm, but his 2-year-old daughter Maria may give him a run for his money! Even after a long day of playing the two are inseparable, and it showed during our Community Focus interview. This "level of comfort" was a process for the 22-year-old father. Richard's mother, Shylisha Newman, watched her son's transformation through "True Dads". A free program in Oklahoma City that helps father's develop healthy relationships with their children, and co-parent.

"Without some of things they taught me, I would be clueless. Its helped me gain a lot of patience, " Richard said.

Every dad goes through 12-weeks of training, which includes an intense 6-week session on parenting, employment or relationships. The session depends on which track the father selects. True Dads Educator Dr. Andre Washington says it was Richard’s level of commitment that made him succeed in the program.

"I think what he got out of True Dads was what he expected, so it went really well for him," Washington said.

His family, coach and facilitator worked as a team to get him to this point and the results are the memories.

"I'm proud, I'm proud...she our world," Shylisha said.

Learning how to communicate was the biggest take away from the program but Richard admits it's hard to be firm with daddy's little girl.

"It's hard to tell her 'No'," Richard said.

Richard's mother went through the program too and she says it's helped her better understand her role as a grandmother. The program is designed for family members or co-parents to work alongside with dads. For more information, go to this website.

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