Community Focus: Oklahoma's top military adviser makes history

Major General Michael Thompson is the Adjutant General of Oklahoma, (KOKH)

Oklahoma has had its fair share of disasters: Everything from treacherous tornados to terrorism. When under a state of emergency, Governor Mary Fallin will call the National Guard for domestic relief efforts to make sure first responders are fully equipped to protect the lives and property of the Sooner State.

The Adjutant General of Oklahoma, Michael C. Thompson, is the governor's top military advisor, and answers the call when assistance is needed. Major General Thompson is the first African American to hold this civilian position.

"He's the perfect man for the position. You know he's fair across the board,"said Chief Warrant Officer 5 Melvin Murphy.

Maj. General Thompson has been a part of the guard since he was 20 years old. He's had eight promotions with various ranks, completed over 27 assignments, including time in Iraq, and has received numerous awards for his service.

"I promise there's nothing special about me," said General Thompson.

General Thompson credits his accomplishments to the great people he's worked with over the years, but his biggest achievement is family.

"Six Thompsons, me and my wife, my two sons and my daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Any time we can have all of the Thompsons under one roof, it's a good time for me," said General Thompson.

General Thompson has two sons who serve our Country: His oldest son is a graduate of West Point and is married with a daughter. His youngest son has been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq and is now in medical school.

"I'm very proud of them," said Thompson.

Thompson's legacy will continue through his sons, and many generations to come. Thompson retired as the commissioner with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol after 28 years of service.

For information about Oklahoma National Guard, click here.

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