Community Focus: The Power of 100 OKC


    A small idea turns into a fundraising game changers in Oklahoma City. It started with two friends talking about an idea over a walk, and a couple of years later we are looking a total of $50,000 in donations across the Oklahoma City Metro, and this group of women is not done.

    The Power of 100 OKC is a simple concept. One hundred women come together and donate 100 dollars each to a deserving non-profit. That is $10,000 donated each time. Members get to nominate a deserving organization before the group votes on the recipient.

    “My favorite part about this is getting to learn about all the local non-profits that we have. Before I started the power of 100, I really wasn't involved in the non-profit community, and by doing this I have learned about so many great organizations that are giving back to our city,” says Callie McKinzie, co-founder of the Power of 100 OKC.

    At each event nominations are put in a jar and three are picked out, then a member makes a short presentation in support of their nomination. All members vote for the winner after the presentations. In March, Tenaciously Teal got the vote. The organization helps people going through cancer treatment.

    McKinzie and fellow co-founder Nikki Griffin say they are both excited by how women in Oklahoma City have responded.

    “I think it makes sense. It is easy, it is simple. it is powerful. That is our logo and it is fun. It has just been so amazing to see all of the people that we have helped,” says Nikki Griffin, co-founder the Power of 100 OKC.

    Other organization who have also received donations include:

    Faith Works of the Inner City

    Angels Foster Network

    Care Center

    Free to Live

    Group membership is open, and meets for one hour four times a year to select a winner and make the donation. The group is open to women, and he next meeting is in June. If the 100 dollars each donation is a little too much for an aspiring member, the group allows teams of two to four people who can come together split up the donation cost, and have one nomination.

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