Community Focus: The first mobile barbershop in Oklahoma

The En Root Barber Shop is a mobile hair cutting shop in the Oklahoma City metro area. Photo provided.

The barber shop is a cultural stable in the African American community.

En Root is the home to the first mobile barbershop in Oklahoma. The black owned business was created as a place of healing and comfort for those who may not have the means of transportation to get their hair cut. Bruce Waight's vision has redefined the barbershop experience with his cutting-edge establishment that caters to the grooming needs of men, women and children in various communities.

"When they first walk in they're like 'Wow', and they're taken back," Wraight said.

The barbershop is in an old 1960's Airstream mobile home purchased in 2015. It made its debut in July 2017.

The barbershop is the cornerstone, a place of mentorship for not only African American men, but for all the communities they serve.

"We're breaking barriers in a sense , there's people now that may have for one reason or another never visited a black barbershop and now they're getting to experience that," Wraight said.

The vision was supported by En Root Director Vanessa Morrison.

"She definitely is the backbone of the business and she holds it together, “Wraight said.

Together the dynamic duo are making history. The En Root Barbershop Company's story will be archived in Washington D.C. The En Root Company works with the Homeless Alliance and the YWCA. It's a part of the "Cut It Forward" initiative. Also, the barbershop has a YouTube Channel called "Chop It Up", which explores various conversation that impact the lives of many everyday.

Learn more and find their location here.

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