Community Focus: The Black Foodie Summit

Chef Kendall Curry preparing a meal. (KOKH)

The restaurant scene has grown over the last ten years in Oklahoma City, but like any new business it can be tough trying to maintain a sustainable business without the proper guidance, so there's an event out there to make it happen!

OKC Black Eats is collaborating with Yelp Oklahoma City for "The Black Foodie Summit". A networking opportunity for black restaurateurs, caterers and chefs, and food truck operators to grow their business through various media platforms to attract new customers.

Apollo Woods, OKC Black Eats owner, believes the Yelp website is one of the many useful tools to help enhance food establishments, but many black businesses are not taking advantage of the benefits. Woods is hoping this event will not only show attendees how to effectively use the social media site, but also spread awareness about the various cuisines the African American community has to offer.

Chef Curry To-Go is one of many featured restaurants at "The Black Foodie Summit". The lunch spot has been open for a year and a half, and it has become a community favorite in the metro. The American comfort food it incorporates has a healthy twist; offering fresh vegetables and homemade sauces and seasonings to soothe your taste buds!

Event Info:

  • The Black Foodie Summit
  • Saturday, 4-8pm
  • Ice Events Center & Grill
  • 1148 NE 36th, Oklahoma City, OK

For more information: The Black Foodie Summit

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