Community Focus: 'Sox of Love' needs a helping hand

A volunteer makes a sock cupcake for distribution to the homeless by Sox of Love. (KOKH)

Many donations are dried up now that the holiday season is over but non-profit organizations are still in need of your generous heart and time throughout the year.

Sox of Love is a non-profit with a mission to make sure every person in need has a pair of socks, but they need volunteers to make this happen by Valentine's Day.

A group of volunteers, at Paper Arts in Edmond, is already getting started by making sock cupcakes for the homeless and foster families.

"It seems like a tiny thing but it would means so much for someone who does not have socks, and some of us don't have the opportunity to give in a different way." Volunteer Dr. Pamela Hoppers said. "Not all of us have the money to donate either and this way we can. "

Tamara Nelson-Omondi is the founder of Sox of Love and is reminded every day why she started the organization two years ago.

"I was coming from an event a couple weeks ago and I took the Virginia exit. I noticed that it was twenty-four degrees at eight-thirty in the morning and there were people sleeping on the top of the underpass. The image of the people just has stuck with me every single day and every day that I'm in my warm car or I'm in my warm house," Nelson-Omondi said.

Nelson-Omondi says socks are the number one needed item but it’s the least donated and she's hoping with your time you can get involved. She wants to collect 50,000 socks this year and distribute in all 77 counties in Oklahoma.

Sox of Love's overall goal is to operate in 50 states, but right now they really need volunteers to help prepare the socks for Valentine's Day.

The event is January 28th in Edmond. Volunteers will prepare 2,018 pairs of socks for the organization's 2nd birthday and the socks will be handed out Feb. 14th. Click on this link to volunteer your time.

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