Community Focus: Soccer Goals

Community Focus: Soccer Goals

The World Cup has been gaining a lot of momentum, and it's been helping some kids live out there dreams through their favorite teams.

A new partnership between OK City Center and Let's Play Sports Inc. is making sure kids have a change to play soccer after school in Oklahoma City. Gill Flores, a 14-year old student, really appreciates the program because he wants to become a professional soccer player.

"It helps me get my agility and my speed back,"said Flores.

"Its very good to get them involved in a team sport because it helps them excel learn leadership, and gain that sense of working together," said OK City Center owner Jed Chappell.

"The kids just need somewhere to be, someone to pay attention to, someone to offer help, said Let's Play Sports Inc. Perla Deleon.

Like Jed Chappell, Peleon works with kids, and she says kids simply don't know how to ask for help, but when they do ask the pay off is priceless: Watching her students accomplish their career dreams through academic scholarship.

"Being able to help them get there is lifechanging and its rewarding," said Deleon.

Both community leaders believe there's no doubt that Flores will achieve his goals on and off the field.

"He just has this sense of leadership. A sense of honor and respect toward adults and leadership around him, but also torwards his peers. You can tell his peers follow his lead," said Chappell.

If you would like more information about the program, visit their website.

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