Community Focus: School starts health fair as commitment to students

Oklahoma City school organizes free health fair to help its surrounding community (KOKH).

An Oklahoma City school works to be a good neighbor in its community. Leadership at Adams Elementary School says that to them a healthy family means a healthy child, and a happier student, and Principal Heather Zacarias says the school wants to help the whole family with their first free community health far.

“I just want to be sure that our community knows that our school is a place that supports the whole child and the whole family,” says Zacarias.

Oklahoma City is a large place, and each neighborhood has its own challenges. In parts of the Southside, it can be difficult to get to medical care because of obstacles including access to transportation, money, and even language.

Adams Elementary School launched the first of its kind health fair at the school on Saturday, so that families can get the care they need in a safe space.

“A school is a safe place to come. It is a place to learn. It is a place to have fun, and we wanted to be able to provide medical care and medical services to our community in a place they are familiar with,” says Zacarias.

Screenings ranged from diabetes, to blood pressure, and there were also vision tests-- among other health screening.

The event was sponsored community groups including the Oklahoma County GOP.

“We try to take a probative approach to being involved. We will usually have a school that we sponsor. We will do shoe drives, you know, coat drives in the wintertime because we believe in the point of reaching out to our community,” says Dario Alvarado, Oklahoma County GOP executive committee member.

The school served 200 people, more than expected during the Easter weekend.

This is the first community fair put together by the school. Principal Zacarias says the community can expect this fair to become an annual event.

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