Community Focus: 'Save Black Boys' working to create a safe place for expression

In the "Save Black Boys" organization, the boys meet with their mentors on a regular basis. (KOKH)

The "Save Black Boys" organization is on a mission to create a safe place for young men to express themselves.

Every Friday the boys gather with their mentors, sometimes they go on field trips that focus on youth leadership, mental health, science and technology.

"The kids have a blast...with different animals and insects," said Save Black Boys mentor Garrick Funderburk.

The organization was founded by Kevon Gulley in Compton, California and several chapters have been created throughout the country. The SBB program was launched about a year ago in Oklahoma City, and organizers say they've already noticed a significant difference in the young men's development.

"They give me so much energy, every week to come to see these boys, their smiling faces and I just see myself in so many of them." said Save Black Boys mentor Montele Wesley.

During the Oklahoma Teacher Walkout, the students created their own video game business based off STEM principles seen in the Black Panther movie. In the future, organizers are hoping to create a homework lab equipped with the latest technology for students, so they can continue to be successful, making their mentors and families proud.

Sunday, the students will be hosting a community service project called "Papersack Project" from 12-3 p.m. The event will be held at "LaRoot" 5833 NW 10th Street Oklahoma City, Okla. Students will prepare lunches for people in the community.

For more information on Save Black Boys visit this website

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