Community Focus: Rooted Barbershop gives first day profits to Homeless Alliance


En Root, the first mobile barbershop in Oklahoma, is taking a detour but the mission remains the same, to help undeserved communities. The creators are re-shaping their style to help the homeless.

"It's kind of a spin-off from En Root,"said En Root owner Bruce Waight Sr.

The mobile barbershop travels to different parts of the metro to service various clients, but now it will be used for volunteer work.

"It's not going anywhere. You'll see it around here and then," Waight said.

Waight's second shop called "Rooted Barbershop" is located off Classen Boulevard in Oklahoma City. The grand opening's profits were donated to the Homeless Alliance's Day Shelter. It cost $27,000 to operate, and it supports the needs of about 325 people. Whitley O'Connor says every dollar counts and Waight's contribution is very helpful.

" Its really exciting to see, a couple and business that's so deeply involved with our organization and who is stepping up their commitment," O'Connor said.

Damone Redd, has been one of Waight's customers for eight years, and is one of the first to get his hair cut in the new space.

"He's a good dude. He's a good dude." Redd said. ""He was fresh out of barber school it was just a matter of time before he got it together so what's another few messed up hair cuts"

But through the " growing pains" his vision came to fruition, with his business partner and now life partner, Vanessa!

"She gave me the green light this year, and we got engaged and without here it just wouldn't been wouldn't looked like this." Waight said.

Rooted Barbershop is open now and it also serves as an arts space. Various art pieces from local artists will be on display and will be available for purchase. For information click here or call 405-601-0164 to book an appointment today.

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