Community Focus: Pivot changing kids' lives in Oklahoma

Pivot is helping Oklahoma children change their lives for the better, no matter their current circumstances. (KOKH)

Pivot is working to change the lives of children in Oklahoma, by creating stability in an unstable world. The group helps kids in crisis come-up with their own goals, and gives them the tools to reach those goals, no matter what their past looks like.

“They are more than just what their current circumstance is. they are more than what their past has been. they can be so much more than where they are, “says Melanie Anthony, VP of development and community engagement.

A tough class should be the biggest worry middle school and high school students. The reality for many, however, is much more grim.

“Imagine yourself being 16, 17, 18-- trying to be in school -- trying to figure out where you are going to eat that day-- where you are going to sleep. There is not a parent, grandparent, there is no one out there caring for you, “says Anthony.

Pivot offers stability to the children in its program, by meeting basic housing needs, job assistance for teens, and teaching them things like cooking and ironing. There is also emotional support is there too.

“It changes their life completely from the point that you meet them when they are broken down, when they think, ‘This is as far as I am going to go in life’, and they realize they have all these other options. It is quite a thing to see that, “says Jose Valencia, youth advocate.

Cultural diversity is on the table too. Pivot helps students who are alone connect with the right people to resolve visa issues. Staff can help those who are more comfortable speaking Spanish too.

As students learn about bettering their future, they also have the chance to be kids, express themselves through art, and find their dream outfit for a formal event like prom.

Pivot also has a food pantry when children don't have food at home. They are looking for donations to restock their pantry for the summer. To make a donation click here.

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