Community Focus: Oklahoman fundraiser to help Guatemalan volcano victims

The Oklahoma community is helping a national organization send help to people suffering in Guatemala after a major volcano explosion. (Passion Asociación)

Oklahomans are stepping up to help the people of Guatemala.

The country is trying to recover after a deadly volcano eruption. Guatemala has ended it victim searches, and right now we know that 110 people are confirmed dead, but nearly 200 more are still missing. Those left alive must also contend with the destruction of Volcan de Fuego.

The images are staggering with homes destroyed and surrounding areas consumed by ash and debris. Volcan de Fuegos eruptions have ended lives and decimated homes, leaving thousands displaced.

“It breaks your heart, especially when you could see that adults and kids, they lost their lives, and it just breaks your heart that they just didn't have the time to run away,” says Graciela Mejia, Todos por Guatemala volunteer.

Mejia was born in Guatemala, and she remembers her birth country fondly. She and other Oklahomans have come together to help. On Friday, Todos por Guatemala, or Everyone for Guatemala, held a donation based event to fundraise.

“Everybody is just donating their time and helping out for our Guatemala families,” says Mejia.

With dancing, food, and kind messages, Oklahomans celebrated Guatemalan culture. donations are still being taken, and the money will go to Passion Asociacion.

“This money will be to help out families to rebuild their home. They are getting help with food and additional stuff, but they do need help to rebuild their houses,” says Mejia.

Passion Asociacion is also helping build long term health kits because ash and dirt have contaminated much of the area.

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