Community Focus: NBA player hopes to produce affordable food options through urban farming

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An NBA player is drawing up some new plays for the farming game.

Utah Jazz center Ekpe Udoh is breaking into the "hydroponic farming business". Udoh is the first professional athlete to do this, launching LGR Farms in 2015, and one of few African Americans owners.

"It’s expensive to eat healthy nowadays," Udoh said.

Udoh is working to create a new way to provide healthy food options for affordable cost in various Oklahoma communities through "hydroponic farming".

"It's all about growing without soil. We use our vertical towers to grow all of our crops. It's special it's something unique", Udoh said.

FOX 25 got an inside look at the process. It takes four to six weeks to produce a crop: container farms can produce 1,000 plants a week and Udoh is hoping to eventually partner with schools. The Edmond Santa Fe graduate says the lunches kids are eating today lack nutritional value and they need healthy choices to stay energized in the classroom.

"It's important to give them options," Udoh said.

Having fresh food on the table was always a mainstay in his family, and his mother made sure of it.

"Growing up in Nigeria this is what she did. She would be in the backyard following her mom", Udoh said.

For more information, click on the website link or Twitter page @lgrfarms

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