Community Focus: Movie Audition in Oklahoma

Tulsa production companies prepare to hold Auditions for major picture to be shot in Oklahoma (KOKH).

A local production company is looking for actors here in Oklahoma for a major motion picture. Auditions are happening this weekend in Tulsa.

It's a major opportunity for actors and singers in Oklahoma, and movie producers tell Fox 25 they are also looking for untapped natural talent, but you do need to be able to speak Spanish.

Levites Studios and Teletul Media Group, both based in Tulsa, are behind the film named The Nation of Butterflies. Their casting call went viral and producers say they expect people to drive in from across Oklahoma for an audition. Felipe Oyarzo and Antonio Perez are two of the film’s producers, and Oyarzo spoke with Fox 25 over the phone Wednesday morning.

“We are going to give work to a lot of people, and that is good, especially people who are talents, or who have the natural talent to be in a movie, but also professional actors, actresses,” says Oyarzo.

Oyarzo says actress Sandra Echeverría will be a part of this film. She has been featured in Telemundo, and is known for her performances in major pictures such as Book of Life, Secret Life of Pets, and the Will Ferrell movie Casa de Mi Padre.

The film needs some 50 actors, actresses, and extras of all ethnicities and ages-- from infants to several acting opportunities for people over sixty years of age. Auditions start Saturday at 10 am in Tulsa, and people who are coming in from out of town will be allowed to audition first.

For location and more information on the audition, click here.

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