Community Focus: OKC martial arts instructors offer self-defense course for women


Would you know how to fight off an attacker? A self-defense class is helping women in the metro prepare for the "unthinkable".

Larry Wells is a second generation martial artist, from Tulsa. He grew up with two sisters in the house and Wells says it was a no brainer for him to incorporate classes that work to empower women. The 24-year old now has a business in Oklahoma City--- with his fiancé Stephanie, who says she's watched participants transform.

"A lot of times women get taken advantage of and don't really know how to defend themselves when they get in sticky situations or certain situation where they feel uncomfortable", said Larry Wells.

Oklahomans are connected to their phones and distracted by "screen time", making us more vulnerable to an attack especially in hidden areas along places such as trails. Megan Woods, along with other women in the metro are learning life-saving moves in this defense class, so they can be prepared for anything.

"A lot of times we're on our phones", said Megan Woods.

There are a number of simple moves you can learn but Wells says the best protection you have is your voice.

"If somebody is coming up on you, you want to use your voice. You want to project your voice, that's your number one weapon." Wells said.

Because if people are around, they will naturally look and see what's going on. That's exactly what happened when Woods says she was approached by a man that had been following her outside. She yelled "Stop!" and her voice alerted two women nearby.

"Had I not attended classes before I wouldn't even know to turn around and yell stop. I probably would've just tried to walk faster. Hurry up to get to my car. If more people knew about this, then it would save lives,” Woods said.

Wells says another great tip you're close to your attacker is to "scratch their skin". You'll have the DNA in your finger nails, and it can help police track down the suspect. If you're interesting in taking a class you can click here: L.K. Wells, LLC.

L.K. Wells Martial Arts OKC offers karate classes for kids as well. to book a class today, call 405-206-0589 or visit 1390 N. Lincoln Blvd. in Edmond.

You can also find them on Facebook.

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