Community Focus: Local muralist reveals latest piece in OKC

Oklahoma City Muralist Sergio Ramirez works on his latest piece in Historic Capitol Hill (Mireya Garcia/KOKH).

Art comes in many forms and districts in Oklahoma City. Now one district is showcasing a muralist's impressive skills.

With the familiar hissing sound of a spray paint bottle, a man moves methodically as he works on small pieces to create something huge.

“The Capitol Hill District just came to me and asked me to paint something for the culture around here, “says Sergio “Tank” Ramirez, an Oklahoma City artist.

Kneeling next to the side of a building which is his canvas, Ramirez is making pyramids out of white space.

“I just went with more of an Aztec, you know, Mexican theme, “says Ramirez.

Then he stands tall on a ladder and perfects a headdress. The mural starts with a look at our present, as a child reaches into the future and space, without forgetting the past and the work ancestors put in for their families.

“It pictures everything that, you know, we laid down for our children, “says Ramirez of what he is trying to communicate with the mural.

Ramirez says he started creating at a young age and now the local Oklahoma City artist has developed a mural in Historic Capitol Hill, or Calle Dos Cinco.

“I had to get a permit from the city, so I did have to draw it, but usually when I go to paint, everything is free style-- just start painting really, “says Ramirez.

He allowed Fox 25 news to be there as he worked to create something the community could be proud off.

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