Community Focus: International film festival in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma Cine Latino (Historic Capitol Hill)

An international film festival is happening this week in Oklahoma City, and screenings will be open to the public.

Oklahoma Cine Latino is a film festival that will showcase local and international film shorts, as well as local student short films.

This is the event's fourth year, and it started as a hyper local event that has grown into an international showcase. This is considered a Latino film festival focusing on the Latino experiences in film, in both English and Spanish.

“If it is a Spanish language film there are subtitles, and what we find are the stories really connect with anyone. These are universal stories of interest, I think, to people who love film, who love thinking about the human experience, “says Donna Cervantes, Historic Capitol Hill director.

Students from seven local high schools joined the film festival's free film making workshop. It includes five weeks of intensive work that end with the production of a short film that will be a part of the festival.

“It is very important for them to be involved in the arts and to see the process and how it goes. you know usually young adults get to see the films, and sometimes you forget the work that comes behind the scenes, and how to get there, “says Miriam Ortega, Historic Capitol Hill promotions coordinator.

All the films in this festival are shorts. That means they are no longer than about 15 minutes each. They will be shown in Historic Capitol Hill at the OCCC Capitol Hill Center. Judges will be selecting the winners, but the audience will be able to vote on their favorites.

Tickets are on sale now FOR $20.00 pre-sale and $25.00 at the door. Doors open Friday at 5:30 pm. Some of the film makers participating in the film festival will attend, and be available for questions or comments after their films are showcased.

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