Community Focus: Hispanic Culture Day

A view of the Oklahoma State Capitol (KOKH)

A celebration of the Hispanic heritage, can also be an eye-opener showing that being Hispanic doesn't mean just one thing. Hispanic Culture Day at the Oklahoma State Capitol is an opportunity to celebrate culture, and to educate legislative leaders about who they might represent.

It was a time to dance, enjoy new food, celebrate our differences and similarities. Tuesday, May 1st is celebrated as Hispanic Cultural Day in the Oklahoma State Capitol. Oklahomans were there representing their Spanish, Guatemalan, Venezuelan, and many other heritages.

“We really appreciate this opportunity to be here and represent every single Latino country. I am representing Mexico with my mariachi outfit, “says Imelda Juarez Thompson, mariachi Singer.

At the event, there was also a face seen on Community Focus before, Marti Rickman, a dancer originally from Colombia now a US citizen. The arts were heavily celebrated, and businesses were also on hand to talk about their Hispanic initiatives.

Peruvian born author Mariana Llanos spent her time talking to children who enjoy her books.

“This book is called A Super Power for Me, and this is about the power of the vote. It is a message that is important-- to be a part of your community. This is Not Home for Christmas, and it is a multicultural story about two children who travel to Peru for the first time in their lives, and they are afraid that Santa Claus won't be able to find them, “says Llanos about some of her works.

As with most years, there was a focus on multi-culturalism in this year's celebration.

The traditional clothing and food seen at the celebration, represents specific countries, so Oklahomans unfamiliar with any Hispanic communities, and Oklahomans representing their own heritage had the chance to experience something new.

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