Community Focus: 'Eastside Steppers' develop unbreakable bond

The Eastside Steppers are comprised of runners from the ages of 6 to 18. (KOKH)

Some of the most precious moments in life come from major losses.

That's what happened to a team of young runners in the metro called the "Eastside Steppers."

They're known for taking home the gold, but this time it was the "lesson learned" that became more valuable for this team.

The Eastside Steppers didn't take home any national medals this year. But if you ask coach Keitha Wyatt, this group still gave it there all despite extreme weather conditions they've never experienced — ice, slush, mud and a lot of snow.

"I learned how to run in very hard conditions," runner Ethan Stovall said.

Conditions that would bring this group together, and develop an unbreakable bound in Reno and finish strong.

"They encourage me to keep going," runner Chloe McCall said. "Whenever I need to stop."

Even experiencing many firsts.

Wyatt says for the first time as a group they placed 19th out of 37 teams in the country.

Along side national ranks, it was also the first time some kids boarded an airplane.

"Have that 13-14 boys crew and seeing them bound is priceless," Wyatt said. "Having some kids fly for the first time was priceless."

A priceless moment for 14 runners and two coaches. And six parents, who all got on the same flight.

To face new obstacles that would bring them closer together. Making them more prepared for the next race.

"Quitting is not an option and if you live by that you'll be successful in anything that you do. Because you're going to refuse to give up."

The team will compete in Wisconsin next year for track and field. The youngest runner on the team is six years old. If you would like for your kid to participate next year, click on this link.

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