Oklahoma City community focuses on becoming bilingual


Learning a new language doesn't have to be expensive, and can even be free.

A love and appreciation for the Spanish language has brought people in Oklahoma City together to learn. Now, they are reaching out to native speakers with the promise of bettering both their English and Spanish speaking for free.

Spanish is the most spoken language in the United States other than English. It's the second most spoken language by native speakers around the world. Some people right here is Oklahoma City want to be added to the Spanish speaker list.

“When I was five years old, I was in love with Zorro, so I would run around my neighborhood scratching Z's into trees with sticks, “says Addie Eubanks who heads up OKC Spanish.

The group has been around for 15 years. From meeting at local book stores, to enjoying time together at a restaurant, they do it all speaking Spanish.

“We all come together in our meetings, and we just talk to each other, and help each other through our mistakes, “says Eubanks.

There are different levels, so no one is left out, and the meet ups are free. It's about the love of learning, and an appreciation for the language.

“Coming to these meetings really helps improve your self-confidence, “says Eubanks.

Now, OKC Spanish is reaching out to native Spanish speakers to join the group, with the goal of helping current members, and the opportunity to practice their English should the need it. Community members helping each other for free. The group does take donations to help with the cost of copies used during platicas, or conversation lessons. For upcoming meet ups click here.

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