Community Focus: Business in the Black

Filmmaker Anthony Brogdon made a stop sin Oklahoma City and Tulsa for his documentary film "Business in the Black: The Rise of Black Business in America, 1800's -1960's".

A Detroit filmmaker is traveling across the country to share his documentary on the history of black business.

Recently, Anthony Brogdon made a stop in Oklahoma City and Tulsa to premiere his film "Business in the Black: The Rise of Black Business in America, 1800's -1960's".

"Oklahoma is in the film no doubt," Brogdon said.

The documentary is divided into parts: including how slaves obtained their education and the rise of black business districts through the face of adversity, which includes the affluent African American community in Tulsa known as "Black Wall Street".

"We talk about how they gained that wealth and then what happened as a result of the riot", Brodgon said.

The film also looks at the number of black millionaires that flourished back in the 1800s, while including personal stories from their family members. People gathered at Page-Woodson, a historical fixture in northeast Oklahoma City, for the premiere. Brogdon says he hopes those who attended were inspired by the film and will work to create opportunities to give back to their community through entrepreneurship.

"Hopefully they recognize this rich history, and they see the standard that has already been set," said Brogdon.

Brogon's tour is not over yet. If you missed out, here's a link to his tour schedule.The filmmakers says his next film, "Foot Soldiers" will focus on the importance of mentorship with hopes of encouraging fathers to reconnect with their sons.

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