Community Focus: 61 Oklahoma students awarded scholarship

The Latino Community Development Agency awarded $47,000 in scholarships to 61 Oklahoma students. (LCDA)

Some hardworking students in Oklahoma are heading to college with a little more money in their hands. A major local group has awarded dozens of students thousands of dollars in scholarship funds.

The Latino Community Development Agency has awarded $47,250.00 in scholarships, and that money is destined to help with the increasing costs of college.

A total of 61 students got to proudly hold their scholarship awards earlier in May in a special ceremony. The Latino Community Development Agency puts on this yearly scholarship that is made possible by donations. This year the donors included Golconda Foundation , Marinco , OKCPD, Sonic, ONG, Insurica, Cagigal family , Familia Rangel and Chris Kinney.

When Fox 25 first talked to Patty DeMoraes-Huffine with the Latino Agency, she said the money could be used by students in a variety of ways considering the cost of higher education continues to increase.

“Our scholarship is very open, so it could be just for tuition, room and boarding, books. so, anything will definitely help a student,” says DeMoraes-Huffine, Director of Preventions Services.

If you are a planner, here are the details for when the scholarship comes around again:

  • General rules are that students need to be high school seniors in an Oklahoma high school that are of Hispanic heritage.
  • They are not required to be able to speak Spanish, and there are no questions on family documentation.

From time to time, donors might make special requests about how the money is distributed. This year the organization gave out some of its first scholarships to college students at the request of a donor.

Students do need a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and their family must not make more than $100,000 a year.

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