Community Focus: Oklahoma City becoming a melting pot of food

Couple from Argentina travels the world before opening french pastry shop in Oklahoma City (GANACHE).

Oklahoma City's growing food scene now includes a taste of European pastries. It's an example of the delicious result that can be created in the American melting pot. French food made by an Argentinian couple who has traveled the world, and decided to make Oklahoma City their new home.

Oklahoma City lists nearly 200 local dining establishments. Food made by Oklahomans for their community. In 2017 food and wine magazine even wrote an article about Oklahoma City's food scene. This year continues the growth of OKC’s food scene, and a couple from Argentina is responsible for the latest addition, Ganache Patisserie.

Laura Szyld has always loved creative cooking and baking.

"I have a Bachelor in Culinary Arts that I got in Argentina, and then I traveled around Europe working there and working in Argentina also,” says Szyld.

Matias Ruggi, born in Italy, and moved to Argentina at a young age before making Oklahoma home.

“In Argentina, I trained myself, and then when we were traveling, I took some courses in Paris. She did as well, “says Ruggi.

Their work in Argentina and abroad taught them valuable lessons about working with chocolate, and what makes the perfect croissant.

“You learn that you have to work with the dough's time. If you are in a hurry the dough doesn't care, so if you make it fast it won't work, “says Ruggi.

As well as why it was so important to share a beloved family carrot cake dish.

“This is our home, and it's like inviting people to our home, so I serve everything that I would love my family to share, “says Szyld.

Yes, the food is French, but their Latin roots still shine through in many of their treats.

“We put a lot of dulce de leche everywhere because, why not,” says Szyld.

Ganache Patisserie is located in the quickly developing Chisholm Creek in Northwest Oklahoma City. Restaurants that have found success in other Oklahoma City Districts have established second locations in that area too, like Hatch, Republic, and Side Car.

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