Woman changing the way you see bounty hunters

Fighting crime, putting criminals behind bars, and making the streets a safer place. As a bail bondsman those are every day activities, and there are many women in Oklahoma City that are changing the way we see bounty hunters. Mena Samara and Laurie Poole have been in the bounty hunting business in Oklahoma City for years, and they've learned the tricks of the trade."I think they're like mice," Samara said, " It's like a maze and there's cheese, You need to look at the clients history you put the cheese in the maze the first time they run it's a little easier to catch them."But over the years their career choice has become a popular part of main stream reality television, but the audience doesn't see the whole picture at home. Laurie Poole has been a bail bondsman in the city for over three years and says what they don't show on t.v. is all the paperwork that goes into a hunt. "It never shows the amount of research that goes in or the amount of sitting on an address or the amount of talking to people that lie to your face," Poole said.The ladies say it's their passion for people that drives them to spend countless hours a day convincing criminals convicted of often major crimes to quit running,and turn themselves into police, or the hunt is on.Have I chased them? Sure, "Samara said, "Have i jumped on them? Absolutely, but its not my favorite part i dont want to hurt anybody."Social media has made their job much easier, Often the women turn to Facebook to keep track of their clients activity and now all it takes is a smart phone to make sure they're following the judges orders. Safety is of course their number one priority while on a hunt, and patience is precious when it comes to the bail out process. A bail bondsman is constantly working against a process that's unfriendly we have rules from the state, "Poole said, " We have rules from the court, we have rules from the jails and as much as we understand that they want their client out right now, it's never going to happen."Should they find themselves in need of police.That's a request they have to make just like you and me. Although the job never stops, and they couldn't see themselves doing anything else, it's a job they don't recommend for the faint of heart.
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