Watch: cop pulls man over, performs CPR to save him

It's astounding to think that the man flat on his back receiving chest compressions in this video is the same man who's now joking with his hospital nurses as he recovers from a heart attack."I've been lucky all my life. I've been the luckiest guy that ever walked on two feet, and I've been in some bad scrapes, but I always was lucky," Gavin "Scotty" Falconer said.Falconer was lucky enough to be speeding on Saturday evening. Kennebunk police officer Matthew Harrington pulled the 84-year-old over just before seven o'clock."I got his information like we always do. I went back to the car. I was writing out a warning card and heard screaming," Harrington said.Officer Harrington knew what was happening. He pulled Scotty out of the car and started CPR. Another officer arrived and brought his defibrillator over. You can see Falconer's body jump as the AED shocks his heart."We felt for a pulse after the first shock. He did have one," Harrington said."But if he hadn't done that CPR, you wouldn't be talking to me, today," Falconer is quick to point out."While every Kennebunk police officer is trained to administer CPR and use an AED, only two officers on the force are trained, licensed EMTs, and Officer Harrington is one of them," Police Chief Robert MacKenzie said. "As stressful as it was, he was still comfortable with what he was doing."Mackenzie said that comfort is evident in the way officer Harrington uses foam from the AED to protect Falconer's head and sends the other officer over to check on Falconer's wife."It's picture perfect. It really is."Source: CNN Newsource
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