Village Police: Murder suspect arrested

The Village Police Department reports Albert Johnson has been taken into custody.

Johnson was arrested in Bethany, taken to The Village where he was being processed. Johnson would then be taken to the Oklahoma County Jail.

One woman is dead and a second woman is in the hospital after police in The Village say a man attacked them this morning.Deputy Police Chief Steve Jagosh says it happened in a home at Sunrise Blvd and Lakeside Dr., on the northwest side of the metro. Both victims were transported to an area hospital where one of the women, 24-year-old Rachel Rogers, later died. The other victim is expected to survive.

Police confirm there was a little girl in the home at the time of the attack but she was uninjured. Her mother is the woman recovering in the hospital.Village Police have issued an arrest warrant for first degree murder and two counts of first degree rape for 47-year-old Albert Ray Johnson Jr. (or A.J. Johnson) in connection with the case.

Police say Johnson was the boyfriend of the non-deceased victim and lived at the residence.Johnson is believed to have left the area in one of the victim's vehicles, a gray 2006 Mazda Tribute SUV with the Oklahoma license plate 058-ALO. They say he could be dangerous but they do not believe his is still in the area.

Neighbors say the street is usually quiet and are racking their memories trying to remember any odd behavior.

"We came home from a movie about 10:30 (last night)," said one neighbor who asked not to be named, "there were just some people over there, the garage door was open, some people standing around, I didn't think anything of it."Another neighbor, Mike Fisher, says the woman and her child moved in a few months ago. He recalls seeing a man visit the home."I figured that was her boyfriend and then about a week later this other guy came in. And they'd drive up and down the street and he'd wave and we'd wave," he said.

Anyone with information can contact The Village Police Department at (405) 751-9564 or the U.S. Marshals Service at (405) 456-9075. If you need any further information, contact Deputy Chief Steve Jagosh at (405) 751-9564.

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