Trial ends in case over bombing video

To visitors to the Oklahoma City bombing memorial, peace and quiet is what they seek.But in Salt Lake City, there's a lot of noise over a video tape of what used to be here, nearly 20 years ago.Jesse Trentadue is suing the government over that tape. In this FBI report obtained by Fox 25, it says the tape would show the truck pull up, and two men would get out and walk away."It shows two people at the scene. And the government says there was only one McVeigh. I suspect that 2nd suspect may be one of their undercover guys," Trentadue said.Now--- new allegations of witness tampering against the FBI. "I understand that he basically said 'it'd be better for everyone if you didn't testify, he should take a vacation, and that if he did testify, he should suffer from a 'the I don't remembers'."But Trentadue says this is about more than a video tape."The ugly story is there's no doubt, the FBI knew at least 4 months in advance the Murrah building was going to be blown up and didn't stop it," Trentadue said.For some at the memorial, and survivors like Dr. Paul Heath it's an issue that's been settled long ago. He attended McVeigh's trial and heard all the evidence himself then, and his mind hasn't been changed now."To my knowledge, over and over and over again there was no tape in the particular camera on that first floor," Heath said.Heath says he's ready to move on and suggests the world do the same, quoting the inscription on the outside of the memorial's gates of time."We come here to remember, those who were killed, those who survive, and those changed forever, may all that leave here know the impact of violence. I hope that's what the average person including myself has been able to do," Heath said.
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