Texas man jailed for overdue library book

Jory Enck was arrested and released after he had an overdue book from the Copperas Cove city library.

Fines for overdue library books are nothing new but a Texas man actually landed behind bars for failing to return a book.

Jory Enck was picked up by police in Copperas Cove after officers noticed he had a warrant for not returning his materials. Court documents show the warrant was issued three years ago after Enck checked out a GED study guide. He was booked into the jail and released for overdue library materials.

Municipal Court Judge Bill Price says the bill was passed to save money.

"The reason they passed it was that they were spending a tremendous amount of money replacing these materials that people just didn't return."

But the ordinance reaction isn't pretty. Clyde Closson lives in Copperas Cove and says the new law is terrible.

"Universal hatred, nobody wants to get arrested over a library book," Closson said. "The other side of that is people that go to our library and can't have these materials, they're put out too."

Despite the hatred, the law may actually be working. One day after Enck was arrested, the GED study guide landed back on the library shelf.

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