Quarter Bandits caught on camera cleaning out laundromat

Like father, like daughter: a dad and his adult daughter are facing serious charges after a massive haul of quarters from a laundromat.

Daniel Kiser and his daughter, Christina, were arrested and charged with the theft.

Police say the two broke into the Louisville laundromat and covered up what they thought was a security camera. Turns out, they covered a dummy camera and their every move was caught on camera.

The duo walked in to the laundromat that's at an apartment complex and headed straight for the camera. They even questioned if it's the real deal and then covered it up.

One of the suspects is the lookout while the other empties the machines one by one. But they weren't damaged in any way, according to Det. Debbie Minniea with the Louisville Metro Police.

"Maybe he had this profession before and kept a key because it looked as if he put a key in," Minniea said. "He didn't break anything open. He just used a key and popped all the change holders out."

At one point, Daniel can be seen considering taking a crack at the change machine. He decided against it but the duo got away with more than $800 in quarters.

"We brought him back to the division and spoke with him and he had a baggy full of quarters on him," Minniea recalls.

Police say the entire thing was comical on their end, and they even got a catchy nickname: the quarter bandits.

The two suspects are charged with theft.

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