Police launch an investigation after officers shoot a pit bull for no reason

The Anadarko Police Department said it is investigating the shooting death of a pit bull Friday. Neighbors tell FOX 25 a police officer shot the dog to death for no reason, pointing the gun at it from inside the squad car.

We first reported this case Saturday, when Carol Nix told us what she saw. She said the dog was not aggressive or bothering anyone when the officers came and killed it.

"I said 'you just shot him?' and he said 'oh yeah,'" Nix said Saturday.

See the rest of her story here: Neighbors say police shot a dog to death for no reason

While the internal investigation continues, the department told us it could not comment. But Chief David Edwards said not everyone in the neighborhood agreed with Nix's account. There are only three other families that live on the block. We spoke with one of those families Monday.

"Well, I started crying because it upset me," Janie Pettit said.

Pettit thinks she was the only one who saw the shooting first hand. Pettit said she watched from her front door as the squad car pulled up to confront the dog. Others came outside after the gun shot.

"I thought he was going to try to talk to the dog or something but he didn't he just shot the dog and the dog ran," she said.

Investigators questioned Pettit Monday morning. Pettit said she told police in her statement the shooting was not justified.

"He shouldn't have shot it. He shouldn't have shot it because it didn't pose a threat. It wasn't threatening to anybody," Pettit said.

Animal rights group, Citizens Against Animal Cruelty, out of Norman, have found the dog's owner, Jr. Ramos.

"He's devastated. He does not understand why they shot his dog," the group's director Jenny Patten said.

Patten is upset too.

"This is basically a breed-specific murder. If that had been a collie, a lab, that wouldn't have happened, but being a pit bull, it was his death sentence," she said.

Patten hopes this investigation will lead to disciplinary action and change. She wants officers to receive training on how to deal with dogs at large.

Patten and her group are also helping Ramos fight a citation officers issued to Ramos.

He said he had just gotten off work on Friday to come home and discover his dog got loose. After searching around Anadarko for about an hour, he got to the neighborhood just in time to see his dog shot. While carrying his dead dog, he said officers lectured him about the breed, then wrote him ticket for having a dog at large.

"We will go to court with him. There are three or four of us who will be in court with him and stand up for what happened to this dog. It's wrong," Patten said.

Police said the investigation should be wrapped up by the end of the week.

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