Police: clerk held in headlock as suspect snags cash register

Police are trying to find the two suspects responsible for an unusual robbery of an Oklahoma City convenience store.

Oklahoma City Police were called to the Quick Stop in the 4700 block of NW 23rd on Feb. 23 just before 11:00 PM. Police responding to the scene said they saw a knife display case knocked to the floor after the battle.

The clerk told police that two men came into the store and asked about soap. They then left but returned five minutes later. One of the suspects asked to be shown a knife from the display case.

As the clerk was getting the knife out of the display, he was grabbed in a headlock and threw to the ground. The clerk said he was held down and ordered to stay there.

In the surveillance video, a second man enters the store and heads for the cash register. He unplugs it from the wall and then runs out the front door, with the second man following him.

The clerk told police that one of the suspects is a regular customer.

Police say both suspects stand about 5'06", one is a thin black male, the other is a heavy-set white man.

Anyone with information is urged to call Oklahoma City Police.

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