Police: 11-year-old shoots man stabbing her mom in SE Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma City Police Department says an 11-year-old girl shot a man who got into a fight with the child's mom at a SE OKC mobile home Wednesday morning.Police say they were called to a mobile home near Burntwood Blvd. and SE 89th Street around 4:30 a.m. Wednesday. According to police, five children were inside the home when the incident happened. The report says 25-year-old Leonard Demon Henry broke in through the glass door and began attacking his ex-girlfriend and stabbing her. Police say the children's mother was stabbed multiple times. That's when police say the victim's young daughter shot him twice. Police say when they arrived, the found him running from the home with a gun shot wound.According to police at the scene, they believe the man is a former boyfriend of the woman and came over to the house to confront her for an unknown reason. Police say one of the children then called 911. Both Henry and the victim were taken to a hospital. Police say the man's condition is serious and woman is stable.Lataisha Lewis lives nearby and says the man has been in the home before."The guy has been coming around here," Lewis told Fox 25 Danielle Dupuy. "He's been going around her trailer and going to her door, knocking on her window and beating real hard. Ran up his vehicle motors and things like that. And then this morning we hear the boom boom and the commotion and the breaking of the glass and come outside and see what's going on."The victim had filed a protective order against Henry in Cleveland County, alleging that he abused her kids.Both the suspect and victim are in the hospital, and expected to recover. The children are now in protective custody.
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