Photographer shares stories of post-partem women through pictures

Image courtesy: Jade Beall Photography

An Arizona photographer's work is gaining national attention for taking photos of postpartum mom's with their children. The photos feature semi-nude mothers posing for the camera just as they are after child birth, imperfections and all. Jade Beall's journey all started when she posted the above photo of her friend and her children to her Facebook page. The photo went viral and moms everywhere started reaching out to share their stories and pictures. Women wanted to challenge the notion of beauty in public perception and shed the beliefs body imperfections are not beautiful. "There can be so many stories shadowing a woman in our culture. We are, however, also incredible blessed with tremendous amounts of freedom and the ability to shape-shift concepts and ideas in our country. We have the ability to feel worthy, to believe we are beautiful and to be a part of a community of people who wish to share beauty and joy in this world." Beall created a Kickstarter campaign to develop "A Beautiful Body" book project which has already raised nearly three times her goal. The book will be a "platform for women to celebrate our bodies just as we are."
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