One student dead after crash near John Marshall High School

A John Marshall Mid-High School student is dead after a crash that happened in front of the school. Two other students were taken to the hospital. Police say speed may have played a roll in the crash.

"The scene was quite chaotic when we got here, having happened this close to John Marshall High School," said Major Dexter Nelson.

It was a heartbreaking scene for officers to respond to. Students were crying out for their friends, one of whom died in front of their eyes. Three John Marshall students were inside a white SUV when it crashed into a power pole around 3 o'clock on Portland near NW 122nd.

"There were three people in the car. One was pronounced dead here at the scene. The other two were transported to local hospitals," said Major Nelson.

Police say it appears to be a case of horse-play gone wrong. Major Nelson said the three students drove off in a friend's car as a joke. Police say high speed caused the driver to lose control and hit the pole. The shock created emotional chaos at the scene.

"Officers were having to contend with students that were, in their minds, trying to render aid by removing the victims from the car, which is not what you'd want someone to do in a situation like that," Major Nelson said.

Emotions were especially high because friends, fellow students, school staff and the victim's family members were all on scene together.

"We've got a lot of family and a lot of parents here and administrators and we're trying to deal with the emotions of the event of them finding out that someone here is deceased."

All weekend activities for John Marshall Mid-High School have been canceled and counselors will be available for students and staff on Monday.

Those on scene say the student who was killed was a football player. Police say they are continuing to investigate, but there could be the possibility of charges being filed.

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