Oklahoma families turn to essential oils

Essential oil use explodes in popularity

Essential oils claim to be a cure for almost anything from skin conditions to common ailments. More oklahoma families are jumping on the trend wanting a healthier home and family. "We get a drop and we just rub in on the bottom of your feet, don't we?" Edmond mom of two, Heather Cooper, showed us how she starts each day, by rubbing oil on the bottom of her daughters' feet. She started the practice a year and a half ago to try to cut down on constant illness. "Amazingly enough, it really worked to keep us well," said Cooper. "We were some of the only ones who didn't get the flu that year, which was awesome." Now a self-proclaimed "oil junky," Cooper uses Young Living essential oils to make her own body wash, deodorant and skin creams. She cleans every surface of her house with an essential oil cleaner called Thieves. "It's great because it's non-toxic," said Cooper. "So if it happens to get on my kids or my kids get a hold of it, I don't have to worry anymore." Essential oils are concentrated liquids containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. Cooper showed us her massive supply, but says you only need 11 essential oils to do most jobs. "You have everything from frankincense and lemon and the thieves which kills the germs," Cooper said. And there's also an oil called Joy, which Cooper uses for her kids' meltdowns. "She didn't want to go to school one morning," Cooper said while recalling a story about her older daughter. "She was having a rough time, so I just put a drop on her chest and walked away. And the next time she saw the bottle she said, 'Mommy is that the one that makes me happy?'" The Coopers are hardly alone. Essential oils are surging in popularity as families look for a safer alternative to drugs, prescriptions and chemical cleaners. "It's growing and exploding, because people are ready to learn how to get rid of toxins and how to stay well and how to use God's natural remedy to do it." The Coopers say they're healthier and happier since making the switch to essential oils. They even have a saying... "'There's an oil for that.' Because there really is an oil for almost anything," said Cooper. Some doctors warn that unlike prescription and over the counter drugs, essential oils lack extensive research and clinical trials. Cooper tells us it's very important to educate yourself about how to use the oils safely. She's among many people all over the metro offering free classes. Click here for more information.
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