OKCPD says man stabbed family dog twice because it was barking

Anthony Johnson was arrested on animal cruelty charges. Police say he stabbed a dog because it wouldn't quit barking. Photo courtesy: Oklahoma County Jail.

The Oklahoma City Police Department said a 31-year-old man stabbed a dog twice Sunday evening because the dog wouldn't stop barking.Anthony Johnson, 31, was arrested in Oklahoma City Sunday around 6:30 p.m. near NW 1st and Pennsylvania.Police say Johnson's stepfather told them he stabbed the dog, "Toby", twice in the neck and then left the area. Police say they found the dog laying on the front porch and it was bleeding a lot from the neck. Police said the dog had a stab mark on the back of his neck and an open cut on his left side. The man said he thought he had stopped the bleeding.Police said Johnson's stepfather told them the dog does not like confrontation and, when the two men were arguing, the dog began barking. His stepfather said Johnson got mad and stabbed the dog before leaving the home. Police said as they were there, they said his stepfather was drunk and would not answer questions. Johnson's mother said her son has anger issues and recently was released from prison. She said he left the scene in order to avoid the officers because of his past.When police left the home, the dog was running, barking, and licking his wounds. Police said they believed the dog would be okay and animal welfare was notified.Johnson was arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on animal cruelty charges.
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