Oklahoma City hip-hop artist building his own empire

Fox 25 caught up with Jabee Williams at "Ordinary People" on the northeast side of town. He's down to earth but confident as he raps to a packed house. In the world of hip hop cars, clothes and women often come to mind, but Jabee explains he takes a different approach than you might think. "If I talk about women, I'll talk about how they hate me or how I make them mad," Jabee said. "How I can't get right with women. I rap about what I know; what the reality is concerning me, and those things." And it seems like it's working. 2014 was a good year: Starring in a Nike ad for the baddest man in the NBA, Kevin Durant. "There was like a trailer and wardrobe it was crazy," Jabee said. Another highlight: winning an Emmy for a commercial for the Science Museum Oklahoma. "I had to memorize all these different scientists and what they invented and all these crazy different things," Jabee said. A far cry from some of the rhymes he first made up as a kid. "It was something like I was walking down the street clapping my hands stomping my feet," Jabee said. As a kid growing up in Oklahoma City listening to Tupac and Biggie, Jabee says he became aware that his music has an influence on others, young and old. "I think if you can rap about something you should be able to be held accountable," Jabee said. Jabee says life wasn't always the most comfortable growing up, moving from school to school and dealing with his parents' marital issues. "Those same circumstances made me who I am," Jabee said. "I've never been to jail, you know never been arrested, you know I've dealt with a lot, I've gone through a lot. I've overcome a lot, and I'm still learning, still growing, still making mistakes." Music has had a big impact on jabee. He says it's helped to create a world for him that goes far beyond Oklahoma City. "Listening to people I listened to, you know it impacted me it made me think." Jabee said. "Made me want to write, made me want to rhyme, made me want to record and do shows; made me want to think outside of the box and outside of this little box that I grew up in. So music doesn't do that, I think people are wasting their breath." If you like what you've heard check out more of Jabee's music by clicking on this story at
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