NCAA, OSU issue joint statement claiming 2013 Sports Illustrated report 'fundamentally unfounded'

The NCAA and Oklahoma State University issued a joint statement on Tuesday concerning an inquiry into the OSU football program. This comes after Sports Illustrated published a series of stories last year with a number of serious allegations of misconduct.Although officials say a few individuals outside the university refused to cooperate, investigators reviewed approximately 50,000 emails and interviewed nearly 100 individuals involved with Oklahoma State's football program, including current and former coaches, administrators, student-athletes, students and prospects.

OSU President Burns Hargis said that after the thorough review by the NCAA Enforcement Staff and an outside consultant hired by OSU, "we learned that the Sports Illustrated claims of monetary payments for athletic achievements, improper academic assistance provided by our academic services staff, rampant drug use and inappropriate interaction with football players during recruiting trips were fundamentally unfounded."

For more and a video message from OSU officials, click here.

Investigators said they uncovered some new violations made by the team and has turned in a notice of allegations to OSU.

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