Midwest City Police talking about officer involved shooting

Midwest City Police are speaking out about an officer involved shooting.

Captain David Huff shot and killed Sammie Wallace, after Wallace took a little girl hostage on June 17th, 2013.

For the first time Friday, we will see that 13 minute surveillance video from inside the grocery store that captures Sammie Wallace entering the store up until the moment when Captain David Huff uses deadly force.

Last week Wallace took a two year old girl hostage, holding her at knife point inside this neighborhood Walmart.

Investigators say Huff negotiated with Wallace for about 30 minutes before shooting him.

Police say the shooting came as Wallace was counting down to kill the child.

Friday the Midwest City Police Chief will be releasing three 911 tapes from people who were inside the store at the time of the abduction.

We'll also get a look at the knife that Wallace used against the child inside of the store.

District Attorney David Prater has come out and said that not only was captain David Huff justified in shooting Sammie Wallace, but his actions were heroic.

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