Medical examiner says suspect who killed K9 cop shot while running away, police chief asks for correction

An autopsy report on a deadly police shooting is in question. That autopsy was performed on a man who stabbed an Oklahoma City police K9 to death last month. The Police Chief says part of the report will now be changed at his request."We felt like there was a conflict between what the narrative said and what the actual medical results were," said Oklahoma City Police Chief William Citty.22-year-old Mark Salazar was shot and killed after a police chase that started in Oklahoma City and ended south of Norman. Salazar ditched his car and took off and that's when Sgt. Ryan Stark and his K9 Kye chased after him. By the time Stark caught up with Salazar and Kye, Kye had been stabbed. Police say Sgt. Stark fired shots when Salazar would not drop the knife.Chief Citty says his department's investigation revealed Salazar was shot from the front. When the autopsy report said Salazar was shot in the back while running away, Chief Citty called the medical examiner himself."[I] asked him to look at it with his staff and basically clarify which one is true," said Chief Citty.The report says Salazar was shot six times, four times in the back and twice in the front. The shots in the back are said to have a downward trajectory. Chief Citty says that's not possible if Salazar was running away."You've got really two things being said in the report. You've got the actual results, the findings of the autopsy, and then you've got this narrative. They don't support each other," Chief Citty said.According to emails between Chief Citty and the Chief Medical Examiner, the report will now be changed. The Medical Examiner says the comment section in the report was written ambiguously and inaccurately and the gunshotwoundss in the back were not made while Salazar was running away from the officer."We want to make sure that we've done everything we can to clarify and provide all the evidence to the district attorney," Chief Citty said.From here the autopsy report will be handed over to the district attorney in McClain County to determine if any charges will be filed. After that, the police department will begin its down investigation into whether any department policies were violated by Sgt. Stark.
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