JaRay Wilson's family and friends wait for answers after discovery of human remains

As investigators spend another day combing through the field for evidence in Custer County, a young man sits behind bars. Tucker McGee was arrested on a murder complaint in the Jaray Wilson case, but Wilson's loved ones still hold out hope for the moment she walks through the door.

Posters and a donation bin sit beside the counter in Brian Gayer's store. He is close friends with the Wilson Family-- and has known the missing teen most of her life.

"Jara and Rodney have been through so much," said Gayer, as he talked about how Wilson's parents have been dealing with her disappearance, "you wake up every morning hoping that today is the day she comes home."

Christmas is a week away-- and The Wilsons have spent more than a year, praying for Wilson's safe return.

"We always hoped that she would come home for Christmas," said Gayer, "that would be the present for the family."

Gayer and The Wilsons still hope for their day they see Wilson come home, but OBNDD says the missing person case could soon turn into a homicide investigation.

"You don't expect to have someone find human remains right in your neighborhood," said Joanne Rogers, who lives north of the airport in Weatherford.

Caution tape still surrounds the field down the street Joanne Rogers' home where law enforcement found human remains Tuesday. They believe the remains could be Wilson.

"This is not something you ever really get over," said Rogers.

Investigators arrested Tucker McGee on a murder complaint. McGee is being held at the Custer County Jail. We stopped by his family's home and asked for an interview, but they refused to open the door..

"What this young man did, if he did it, it's wrong," said Gayer, "he's going to have to pay for that."

Formal charges against McGee are still pending and so is an autopsy from the Medical Examiners Office, which would identify the remains and determine how the victim was killed.

"We are just waiting," said Gayer, "that's all it's going to be is a waiting game."

Until there's a definite answer-- Gayer says Wilson's family and friends will carry on with their search.

"We will continue until someone tells us to stop," he said.

McGee's arraignment is scheduled for Friday at 1:30 PM.

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