Husband believes Casie Johnson was murdered in Shawnee

A husband speaks out, calling his wife's death a murder. And he says he knows exactly who committed the crime. Tim Haslam spoke exclusively to FOX 25 about his allegations.Friday police found 25-year-old Casie Johnson's body in the Canadian River. Detectives say according to initial Medical Examiner's reports, Casie's death is still a mystery. The ME did not find anything on the surface to indicate she was murdered. But detectives say that doesn't mean she wasn't. Haslam says he ran up just as they pulled her body out of the river. "I tracked down the people she was with and found out what direction she was at the river and by the time I got there the fire department had the rescue boats there," he said.Police say she was floating in just a few feet of water after disappearing three days earlier. Haslam says he had just left town when Casie went to the river with friends. Police were looking for Aleesha Martin and her husband Robert Friday, calling them people of interest, but not suspects. Casie's husband has harsher words for them, indicating past indescretions as a possible motive.. "Casie was supposedly with Robert, Aleesha's husband, theres a revenge factor there," he said.The medical examiner's full report could take months.But police say they're still investigating as if could be murder. Detectives say they plan to question the friends from the river: Aleesha Martin and another man, Brian Campbell, again. Tim says the day they found Casie would've been their third anniversary. He says she left an 8-year-old daughter behind. "People need to know she was a wonderful mom and a wonderful wife and a great person. I was blessed to have her in my life," he said.Police say one aspect of this case making them suspicious is that the two who were with Casie at the river have different stories. They say Martin and Campbell each claim they left first, alone, leaving Casie behind with the other one. We'll continue to update you on the investigation as soon as we learn anything further.
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