Guthrie family upset after deputy allegedly shoots and kills family dog

A Guthrie family is heartbroken after a Logan County Sheriff's Deputy allegedly shot and killed their dog. Cindy Wickham says she was watching her two young nephews Thursday at their home when a deputy approached the family's fence. "That's when I said 'Don't come in' and he just went ahead and went in the fence," Wickham said. Wickham didn't want the officer to come inside the gate because she didn't know how Charlie and Joker, the family dogs, would react. Wickham says Charlie approached the deputy and sniffed him and the deputy allegedly drew his gun and pointed it at the dog and family members. "It just happened so fast that I couldn't do nothing, I couldn't prevent it." Wickham said. "The only thing I could do was put my nephews behind my back."The deputy then allegedly shot and killed Charlie. Kaci Malicoat, a neighbor in the area, says she saw the entire incident. "I could see him (the deputy) waving the gun back and forth at her and the dog," Malicoat said. After the deputy fatally shot the dog, Wickham says the deputy acted like he didn't care. "I said 'Why did you shoot the dog' and the deputy said 'The mother f------ dog bit me'". Wickham said. Wickham says she wants the deputy taken off the street and an apology for all the damage that's been done to her nephews. "I'm hurt because I couldn't prevent my nephews from seeing that." Wickham said. The Logan County Sheriff's Office says the incident is under investigation and that they are unable to comment at this time.
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