Four Edmond students receive suspensions for cold medicine, e-cigarettes

School officials at Central Middle School have suspended four students for several different reasons just as school gets started.

School officials tell FOX 25 two students were arrested by Edmond Police for public intoxication and, in accordance with the Edmond Public School's policy, have been suspended for six weeks.

Police were called to the school on August 21 by a teacher who suspected the students were abusing cold medicine known as "Triple C's", a common term for cold medicine that contains Dextromethorpan.

A third student, who was not arrested, was supplying the medication, according to the school district. That student was suspended by the school for a year for distribution. The student was not selling or using the medication.

A fourth student also received a suspension after being caught with an E-Cigarette.

Edmond school officials say they do not believe this is a wide spread problem.

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