Earthquake town hall meeting gets heated

Things got heated in Edmond Thursday night at the Earthquake Town Hall meeting. The meeting was held at the Waterloo Rd. Baptist Church at 7 p.m. and was coordinated by Representative Jason Murphy. The pews were packed and it was standing room only in the sanctuary. Hundreds of Edmond and Guthrie neighbors packed in looking for answers to why we've had so many earthquakes. On the panel were members of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and seismologists from the Oklahoma Geological Society. The panel gave an initial power point presentation about injection wells and fracking. They also talked about the frequency and locations of this year's earthquakes. So far in 2014 there have been 231 earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or higher. The panel did admit that there may be a possible correlation between injection wells and earthquakes. Those in attendance say they want answers as to what's causing the earthquakes and what's being done about it. They say if there is a possible correlation then why aren't the wells being shut down? The Oklahoma Geological Society says the wells are still being used because they want to further study the possible affects so they can address the issues in the future. Neighbors responded with boos and screams saying they don't want to be treated like lab rats being experimented on. OGS said that the chance of a large damaging earthquake in Oklahoma is very small, but neighbors feel that enough of the small ones will still cause damage. Many say they are now moving out of Oklahoma because they don't want to deal with selling a house with earthquake damage in the future. The OCC says they do empathize with residents. In fact, many of the commissioners live in Guthrie or Edmond and earthquake epicenters have been close to or even underneath their homes. OCC members say the earthquake concerns are personal for them, frightening and they want answers as well. Seismologists from OGS say they are working to research Oklahoma's earthquakes more and the possible connection to injection wells, but that research will take time before anything conclusive is found.
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