Democratic nominee Cyndi Munson wins Rep. David Dank's House Seat

Democratic candidate Cyndi Munson won the house district seat that was held by state Rep. David Dank Tuesday evening.

According to the Oklahoma State Election Board, Munson beat Republican nominee Chip Carter for the House District 85 seat with 54 percent of the votes. Munson had 2,640 votes and Carter had 2,268 votes.

Munson will serve the remainder of Rep. Dank's term.

Oklahoma House Democratic Leader Scott Inman released a statement regarding Cyndi Munson's election.

"Cyndi Munson succeeded Tuesday where so many other have failed in the past. She was elected to represent a district that the Republican Party has held for at least 50 consecutive years."

"We House Democrats are exceedingly happy and proud to welcome Cyndi Ann Munson to our caucus. We congratulate her on a hard-fought campaign that resulted in a well-deserved victory."

"Her election success is evidence that a high-quality candidate focused on improving public education, health care, and Oklahoma's infrastructure - and presenting that message in a thoughtful manner, and not by hyperpartisan rhetoric - can in fact resonate with voters."

"With the Legislature facing a budget shortfall next year of perhaps a billion dollars, we have our work cut out for us. I am confident that the good people of House District 85, in choosing to send Representative-elect Munson to the State Capitol, made the right choice Tuesday."

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